CT Freemason Family Day

The Grand Lodge of Connecticut is celebrating Freemasonry in Connecticut and welcome all Blue Lodges, Prince Hall Lodges, Order of Eastern Star Chapters, DeMolay Chapters, Rainbow Girl Assemblies, other appendant bodies and all interested individuals. Join the celebration!

The greatly reduced price of $10 per ticket for Friday’s 4th Annual Connecticut Freemason Family Day are available until noon on Friday. After that, the price goes back up to $22. Also, until the beginning of the 2nd Period, hot dogs are on sale for $1 each and select domestic beer is $2 each. Don’t’ forget to take advantage of this opportunity!

Hope to see you Friday!!

WB Thomas F. Mumford – Chaplain

(Mobile) 860-305-7755

(Email)   tom.mumford@triaxis.com

      Warren Lodge #51 – Portland, Conn.

             If you keep Masonry in front of you, it will lead you. If you place yourself in front of Masonry, it will never catch up.”


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